Bailey: Here's my question. John Nolan, will you marry me?
Nolan: Try and stop me.

You're my daughter. My only daughter. And I loved you in a way that's only for you. But you didn't need me as much, not the way that they did.

Mrs. Lopez

Bradford: What are you doing?
Chen: I'm keeping you company.
Bradford: You don't have to do that.
Chen: I know.

Tim: Are you breaking up with me?
Ashley: I'm sorry.
Tim: I just got out of surgery.
Ashley: I know. I thought I would get it done before the anesthesia wore off. I still love you. I'll probably love you for longer than I like. If there were any chance that you'd retire...

Don't mess with the Lopez women. It doesn't end well.


After everything you have been through, there's not a cop here who wouldn't have your back.


I just found out this morning that Bailey has been dead more than once.