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  • Angela's mother collapses on their doorstep when she comes to babysit. Angela takes her to the hospital.
  • Bailey heads to work again and Nolan has his reservations about it.
  • Mama Lopez tells Angela that a guy came and whacked her over the head and told her that her son is out of time. Angela must figure out who it is
  • Bradford aggravets an injury when going after a suspect.
  • Angela brings all her brothers to the hospital to get to the bottom of what happened to their mother.
  • Nolan and Juarez follow the EMT's to the hospital after they transport a patient from the scene. When Bailey and her partner discover the patient had a GSW, he attacks Bailey's partner and escapes the ambulance into the hospital.
  • Harper interrogates all of Angela's brothers and Wesley represents them while Angela tries to get to the bottom of things from behind the scenes.
  • The doctor tells Bradford that he may need surgery from fragments stuck in there. Lucy has concerns about the possible repecussions from the surgery and Ashley didn't even know he got shot.
  • Grey passed out and apaprently got food poisoning. He's in the room with Bradford and Smitty is in charge now.
  • Street dudes bring a guy in who they feel is guilty because of loyalty to Father Lopez.
  • Angela finds out that her brother Father Lopez is sleeping with a married woman.
  • Thorsen is stationed with Mrs. Lopez. They both try to match each other with peop.e
  • Bradford goes for a walk before his surgery, sees the fugitive, tries to stop him, gets attacked, and it causes the fragment to shift and paralyze him once it hits his spine.
  • Angela realizes that her brother Benny is the one who is having money troubles and that's what happened
  • Celina finds the suspect but he attacks her and kidnaps her. Nolan is looking for them.
  • Celina gets to drug the guy and they're able to arrest him.
  • Angela and Haper talk to Benny after they realize he's been working with a lone shark.
  • They arrest the loan shark's henchman who attacked Mrs. Lopez
  • The Lopez family has dinner together and Mrs. Lopez apologizes to Angela for always putting her brothers first and forgetting that Angela needed her too.
  • Lucy visits Tim and sits with him while he recovers.
  • Bailey proposes to Nolan and he says yes.
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