Nolan: You all right?
Nick: Not even close.

Catching you was worth everything it cost me.


Rosalind: I’ve always known, ever since I was little, no one was coming to save me. Is that why you’re so good? Yes, ma’am. No, ma’am. Serve and protect, ma’am.
Nolan: I’m good because my brain’s not broken.

Nick: Enjoying yourself?
Rosalind: Well, the real fun is yet to come.

Rosalind: I was just thinking about how you saved my life. I’ve literally pealed a woman’s face off and yet you put your body between me and a bullet. Why?
Nolan: It’s my job. I don’t get to choose who I save.

Nolan: Any advice on how to deal with her?
Nick: Don’t try to figure her out?
Nolan: Because I’m not qualified.
Nick: Therein lies the madness. Is there any real rationale why someone would take off a person’s hands or pour boiling oil down someone’s throat? There’s this morbid curiosity to ask why. Don’t. You don’t want to know what’s in her head and you sure as hell don’t want her in yours.

Some things really are out of our control. All we can do is cherish the small victories.


Grace: Is this a date?
Nolan: Uh, do we have to name it?
Grace: No. I guess we don't.

Lopez: You want to talk about anything?
Wesley: No.
Lopez: We're going to get through this.
Wesley: Yeah, I know.

Harper: You got a death wish, boot?
Nolan: I get it from you.

Ripper: Yo, walk away.
Nolan: Yo, make me.

Nolan: We got to get in there.
Det: We won't get there in time, she's gotta get herself out of this.

The Rookie Season 2 Quotes

Bradford: Are you okay?
Nolan: I should have reloaded on the move. You?
Bradford: I should have taken yesterday off.

Sgt. Grey: You think there’s a third terrorist out there?
Jessica: Yeah, and we just killed his friends.