Marge: Revenge never solves anything!
Homer: (sarcastically) Then what's America doing in Iraq?

Woman 1: When will we meet the count?
Woman 2: Do you think he'll like us?
Man: I've heard rumors he's mysterious.

Lou: No sign of the Serpent.
Wiggum: It's always work with you.

(Angrily at the Rich Texan) Reeevenge!!!


Bart: Ay Carumba!
(outside the story)
Bart: That's the only line I get in your stupid story?
Lisa: There's no such thing as small parts, just small actors. (Laughs)

(While crawling through a tunnel) I wonder how long this tunnel isssssssssssss! (Falls in water, into a cage that locks up). D'oh!


Oh little mouse, you are only thing keeping me sane. (Eats mouse.)


Outta my way, you seatbelt wearing cowards.

Rich Texan

The Simpsons Season 18 Episode 11 Quotes

(to Milhouse) Ha ha, you forgot me because I had the mumps!


Thank you, masked vigilante. Your over-zealous homicide has saved me 80 cents. Now if you're not going to buy anything, please move along.