He's the only hero that Gotham has left. If he goes bad, the city goes down.


Kory: He lost his conscience.
Dick: He never had a conscience.

Dick: Bruce Wayne is not my responsibility.
Dawn: But he saved you, Dick. What if you're the last person on Earth who could save him?

Gotham's gotten worse. Commissioner Gordon is dead. Batman is going to kill The Joker. You need to come back to Gotham and convince him not to do it.


Dick: Jason?
Jason: What's up?
Dick: What are you doing here?
Jason: It's Batman. He's in trouble.

I'm sorry, but I'm in a relationship.


Nothing makes sense ... I can't make word of anything.


Donna: I almost took you down with one hit.
Kory: I won't make that mistake again.

Bad things happen to people around me.


What did you have in your fridge?


I wonder what the Penguin is doing right now.


This not knowing a thing about myself getting fucking old.


Titans Season 1 Quotes

Fuck Batman.


Criminal 1: Where’s Batman?
Criminal 2: Hey, I heard he’s alone.