Matt: I need to get moving.
Ellen: You are hunting him on your own?
Matt: I need to contain this.

There is an asset who should not even exist, who is leaving a trail of bodies. That blood is on our hands.


We're at war. The human mind is the new battlefield, it seems. If we're gonna win, we can't be afraid to match our enemies' brutality.

FBI Boss

I need to set the story straight. People have to know the truth.


Here it is, get inside the gate. Come on, come on.


Mr. Edwards: Does the name Treadstone mean anything to you?
Hank: It never stops. It doesn't stop.

Mick: Never got a chance to thank you.
Randolph: Don't bother. You would have done the same for me.
Mick: Don't play it down, John. The fact is you really did, you let them take you and that gave me enough time to escape.
Randolph: Well, it worked out in the end.
Mick: I always said if we could make it through the jungles of Vietnam, we could handle anything together.
Randolph: Well, it's a different kind of jungle now.
Man: Yeah, you see Matheson out there?
Mick: He just got back. Let him get his bearings.
Man: Hey, man it's easy for you to say. My partner is still out there.
Randolph: I don't know where he is.
Mick: Hey, come on, give him some space, Wilson.

If someone's bringing it back, we need to stop it.

Mr. Edwards

Randolph: What did they tell my mother?
Mick: Agency protocol.
Randolph: Jesus, so she thinks I'm dead? I was only gone a week.
Mick: John, you were missing for nine months.

Mick: You don't know how much I missed you, John.
[John smacks locker.]
John: I can't remember my combination.
Mick: Try 09,09, 69. Fortunate Son released date. You wore that record out.
Randolph: Thanks Mick.

Edwards: Tell me about Treadstone?
Tracy: Treadstone, what is that?

I was confused at first, but I finally know who I am.


Treadstone Quotes

Edwards: Tell me about Treadstone?
Tracy: Treadstone, what is that?

Randolph: The man that I was before, would he have been able to kill them?
Man: The man you were was sent here by the CIA to murder me, and now look at you. Such Pacus. These methods of mine, I know, they are complicated. But you, you are my most promising subject. Now, Cicada.
Randolph: Cicada?
Man: An amazing little creature, sent underneath the surface for years at a time to wait. Then they awaken from their long slumber.
Randolph: And then die?
Man: Yes, but not before they fulfill their destiny. You will be a great soldier for our cause. Right now, you need your rest.