Marc: And how did Lady Buttons of Camelot do?
Jean: Last place. They stripped her of her title. She's just Buttons now

Marc: You're from the Philippines, right?
Betty: Queens!
Marc: Don't give me that look, they both end in "eens".

Betty: My second day here, you tricked me into eating glue by telling me it was white chocolate.
[Marc laughs]
Betty: No! I could have died!
Marc: Oh, I only let you eat two pieces. Come on!

Marc: It's just that I've been telling her you're my girlfriend for three years now, and she's starting to pressure me to buy the cow.
Amanda: So you're saying we're over, and I'm fat?! I'm the best pretend girlfriend you'll ever have!

Ignacio: I'm starting not to remember the feel of rain, the smell of freshly mowed grass...
Hilda: Papi, we live in Jackson Heights. The grass smells like fried onions.

Betty: I learned something about family tonight. They're not always the ones that love you the most. Sometimes it's the family that you make for yourself
Marc: Getting a little too Lifetime Original for me, but I get it, she doesn't want to be a part of my life then it's her loss because I'm frigging fabulous
Betty: Yes you are
Marc: Just you so know, you'll always be my little chimichanga. This doesn't mean I like you

Is this a celebration drink? Are you buying? Can I get a banana daiquiri?


Marc: You didn't like her?
Jean: Marc, honey, with that hair and that face, what were my grandchildren gonna look like?

Cut the act Wilhelmina. I'm not Bradford or one of the other suits in that office that can be taken in by your collagen smile and plastic ass


Claire: How'd you get in here, only family is allowed
Wilhelmina: I'm your incredibly tan sister.

Eww, dad tried to take me out to fast food. Chicken nuggets are 15 points. It's almost bathing suit season


My family is not your family, so let's turn that mustache upside down and go downstairs and finish dinner and then we'll be out of here


Ugly Betty Season 1 Episode 18 Quotes

You are officially released from beard dude, consider yourself shaved


Bradford: So this is the life you wanted
Alexis: Actually in the life i wanted you were still behind bars
Bradford: In the life i wanted you were still a man