Editors in Chief Power Struggle
The episode begins directly after Claire's arrest.  Bradford is released from prison and fires Alexis as his first order of business.  Bradford goes to visit Claire in the hospital as she's being detoxed.  Daniel comes in and we find out that even though Bradford is the owner of Meade, Claire is the owner of Mode, and makes Bradford hire back Alexis.

Daniel and Alexis go to Wilhelmina and tell her they're both Editors-in-Chief and Wilhelmina is creative director.  Though Alexis says she doesn't want to have anything to do with the magazine, when Daniel leaves, Wilhelmina convinces Alexis she should take with hers, starting with Wilhelmina's own office.

Using information she got from Marc, Betty tells Daniel that Alexis is going to take over the company and Daniel heads to see Alexis and they decide they should work together.  They say they'll both have a letter from the editor an they'll turn in it tomorrow at noon.  However, at soon as Daniel leaves, Alexis tells her assistant Nick that she plans on finishing by midnight and sending an issue to the presses than Daniel never sees nor gets his letter in.  Alexis then does a photo shoot to put herself on the next cover of Mode.

Wilhemina goes to visit Claire and tells her that she's concerned Daniel and Alexis are going to kill each other and that she should have power of attorney to keep things run smoothly.  Claire refuses even when Wilhelmina offers her a bottle of booze. 

Daniel brings a copy of his letter to Betty to have her proof it.  However, when Betty tells Daniel it's too late, Alexis sent the magazine to the printers already, the two rush to get there.  Daniel and Alexis race on foot to the printers and as Alexis is winning Daniel quits.  Betty finds Daniel in a bar and he tells her Alexis can have the company.  He just wants his old partying lifestyle back.  The episode ends with him drowning himself in champagne and women.

Marc and his Beard
A major subplot of this episode is when Marc finds out his mother, Jean Weiner (Patti LuPone) comes to visit with her cat (Lady Buttons of Camelot) for a cat show.  Normally Amanda is Marc's beard, however, due to how long their relationship has lasted, his mom has been nagging him to marry Amanda so he tells his mom she has a drug and sex addiction problem so they broke up.  He introduces her to his new girlfriend, Betty Suarez.

Marc tells Betty that if she helps him, he'll help tell her Wilhelmina's plot to take down Daniel.   Meanwhile, whiel Ignacio calls for Betty, Amanda hands the phone to Mrs. Weiner and they make dinner plans at the Suarez household.  Betty and Daniel quickly try to memorize details about each other and Henry stops by to drop off paychecks.  Although Marc fails to get any of the answers right about Betty, Henry manages to get them all and mumbles them under his breath.  Aww.

At the dinner, Jean and her cat (now just Buttons after losing) arrive at the Suarez family for dinner.  Dinner conversation is extremely funny when they talk about Marc's old roommate, Chuck, who he was a little tooclose with.  Hilda and Ignacio crack jokes about it.  Justin soon comes home after Santos tried to take him to get chicken nuggets (gross, 15 points!).  Daniel soon stops by to get his letter proof read and Justin introduces Daniel as Betty's ex (you little %#$%!).

Marc tries to tell his mom he's gay, but ends up saying he broke up with Betty.  She says good, and begins insulting the full family and calls Justin "swishy."  Marc becomes infuriated and tells her to look at her own "swishy" son and when he comes out of the closet to her and tells her to get to know the real him, she says she doesn't want to know him and leaves.  Wow.

Ugly Betty
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Ugly Betty Season 1 Episode 18 Quotes

You are officially released from beard dude, consider yourself shaved


Bradford: So this is the life you wanted
Alexis: Actually in the life i wanted you were still behind bars
Bradford: In the life i wanted you were still a man