[after Christina open's Fey's safe]
Amanda: Ooh what's in there? I want money and jewelry.
Christina: It looks like her diary
Amanda: Eww, reading. What else is there?

Christina: Back in Scotland I have a husband
Amanda: Oh, you just got 10% more interesting
Christina: He's an insurance auditor
Amanda: Okay, 5%
Christina: Believe me, it's less

We've been talking a lot about me.. and it's been fun!

Amanda [to Christina]

[After getting his job back Marc hugs Wilhelmina from behind...]
Wilhelmina: You did not just hug me
Marc: Of course I didn't

Okay, maybe I do escape to the movies a little more often than I should. But this is your movie, Betty! This is your chance for the happy ending you've always wanted! Now go home and put on some totally cute top and run a brush through that hair, or maybe a hat! And go and stop that plane! You're Drew Barrymore!


Bradford: I found someone who loves me and I'd be a fool to let that pass me by
Daniel: Who is it?
[Wilhelmina emerges from the darkness...]
Wilhelmina: Hi Daniel
Daniel: Wilhelmina...
Wilhelmina: Call me mommy

[referring to Christina finding the love dungeon]
Amanda: and now my special place is ruined
Christina: Oh please, your special place was ruined years ago

Betty: I can't sleep, I can't eat...
[Betty cowing down on chocolates and Christina gives her a look]
Betty: Well I can't sleep

[Betty is trying to cook for Henry and Ignacio is on the phone giving advice]
Ignacio: Just add cilantro.
Betty: I don't think I have cilantro. Can I just add extra cheese?
Ignacio: You didn't buy chili powder, and you used ketchup, so why not?

Fabia: You must come to the ceremony. I won't be able to get married without my something old.
Wilhelmina: Oh, with the veins in your legs, you already have your something blue.

... a little glitch, teeny, tiny, Cindy Crawford mole sized problem


Hilda: We're trying to plan a wedding here
Santos: That's right, best man. What you don't want to help with this?
Justin: I told mom if she went with the green organze for the brides maids, she's on her own

Ugly Betty Season 1 Episode 23 Quotes

Inhale Ricky Martin, exhale Colin Farrell


Marc: What took you so long?
Amanda: I had to wait for Christina to go to the bathroom. That woman retains water like a two humped camel.