It's just beer. Did you guys go to a bar that night... how much did you drink?


You're one of the rare couples that have both have breast augmentations.

Tom Schwartz

Raquel and I have a lot in common... we both like... to... eat food.


I feel like I need one of those push-cards. 5 surgeries and get the 6th one free.


Jax: I feel like I just sweated out all of that vodka.
Kristen: I'm going to go home and drink vodka.

My relationship with Jax is complicated. Jax and I are kind of like step-brother and step-sister... who may have slept together twice.


Stassi: I think Kristen is excited about going to Montauk, but I know Kristen has no idea what Montauk is.
Kristen: Literally the only thing I know about the Hamptons is Puffy Daddy and Bethenny Frankel.

It's like folding SUR napkins all over again,


It's $18.50? That is so much money... for a rag.