These hicks have no idea the hurt they're in for.


I'd call that an opening with a bang.


Tommy: Oh, I would hate to be your boyfriend.
Mia: I think we both know that's not true.

Tommy: You're bossy. You know that?
Mia: No I'm your boss. There's a difference.

With all the bodies piling up sometimes I wonder if Clark county even has a sheriff.


Lena: If I didn't know any better I'd say you were jealous.
Savino: Of a week in Tahoe? I'd rather spend a month in Jersey.

You can leave here with money in your pocket or an albatross hanging around your neck.


Mia: All I see are strippers in old fashioned underpants.
Tommy: European strippers in old fashioned underpants.

The French have always been known for their flexibility. Just ask the Germans.


There may be things I can't change but I'm not giving up. I know when something's worth fighting for.


Best way to get a dog to drop a bone, give him a steak.


Jack: I guess a guy will do anything to get close to you.
Mia: Never a dull moment between us.

Vegas Quotes

Your good with number and better with people than I am.


Did I tell you to lay hands on this man?