It's every girl's dream to be compared to a dead guy and a bull.


What about you? Why is it the only time I've ever seen you happy is when you're on top of a bull?


I've missed that aftershave.


Micki: So, you know. Has anyone asked Walker his side of things?
Liam: His side? This woman is in the town where his family lives, where someone can make him at any moment and his kids would be at risk. He's trying to get her out of Austin. You know, if he's gone back under, it's as a last resort because Cordell hated who he had to become as Duke.

Abilene: Are you happy?
Walker: Tell me what that means, Momma.

I didn't believe you. I trusted you. When your partner has a strong feeling, you have to back her up.

Walker [to Micki]

Walker: Did he just call me "Ranger Rick?"
Micki: He did and it was extremely satisfying.

Off the books? Off the books is my middle name. What's yours?

Walker [to Micki]

You've got that star. Use it.

Trey [to Micki]

Shane: It never helps to try new things.
Abilene: That's what I keep telling him.

Winston [to Walker]: What did you do?
Micki: What did he do? What didn't he do?


Walker Quotes

Walker: Congratulations on the promotion. Should have celebrated last night.
Micki: I think you celebrated enough for both of us last night.

Walker: Micki. I figured you'd be a guy.
Micki: So did my mom.