Regina: We should have enough for a warrant.
Morales: Is this something we should run by my old boss at Special Victims?
Regina: Special Victims tossed both these cases to the bottom of the pile because they were acquaintance rapes. As far as I'm concerned, they dropped the ball and we're picking it up.

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East New York Season 1 Episode 7: "Best Served Cold"
East New York
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East New York Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Morales: A couple years ago, she was raped.
Regina: What was the disposition?
Morales: It never even made it to trial. She met the guy in a bar and so it was considered acquaintance rape. There's just not enough resources to go around.
Regina: So stranger rape is higher priority? I take it this wasn't your choice.
Morales: It wasn't. Decision came down from the CO at SVD.
Regina: If you want to connect this shooting to this rape, go ahead.

Morales: Antonia?
Antonia: I did it, Crystal. I finally got him.