What Major Brigham wants you to forget is that there are limits to obedience, even in the Army. Apparently, he forgot his training, but I haven’t, and I’m sure you haven’t either. The chain of command doesn’t mean you do everything your CO tells you. Every grunt learns on the first day there are commands and commanders you must disobey.


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The Good Fight Season 4 Episode 5: "The Gang Goes To War"
The Good Fight
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The Good Fight Season 4 Episode 5 Quotes, The Good Fight Quotes
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The Good Fight Season 4 Episode 5 Quotes

Julius Play Counterpart: My god, look at yourself.
Julius: Go away. You don’t exist.
Julius Play Counterpart: You damn right. A conservative with principles. There don’t seem to be any of those around here.
Julius: Well, it’s very easy for you to stay true to your principles. You don’t live in the real world.
Julius Play Counterpart: Go ahead. Make excuses for what you’ve become.
Julius: What’s that?
Julius Play Counterpart: A bad judge. Someone slides a piece of paper with Memo 618 across your desk and you fold like origami.

Chauffeur: You need something?
Lucca: No, it’s just hard to get used to this: the limo, driving me up to a private jet.
Chauffeur: Do it enough times, you get used to it.
Lucca: What are enough times?
Chauffeur: Five.