Donbot: Alright, here's the battle plan: We shoot, they surrender, we go aboard, somebody does some clamping, then we heist the cigars and go home.
Bender: And all without killing anyone. This gang's got some fresh, new ideas. I admire that.
Joey: Oh, we'll kill 'em alright.
Clamps: We got 'em heavily out-clamped. They won't know what clamped 'em!

Futurama Season 2 Episode 17: "Bender Gets Made"
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Futurama Season 2 Episode 17 Quotes

Leela (seeing a blurry image that looks like Bender): I think it's Blotto, that gangster I saw when my patch fell off! (her vision clears to reveal the Professor) Professor?! Where were you at 10pm last night?
Farnsworth: Where am I now?

Bender: So they sent a helpless child to kill me? Well I'm not going out without a fight. (kicks Tim's crutch out from under him)
Tinny Tim: Fine kick, sir! But I'm actually here to deliver your cut from the cigar heist.
Bender: Oh, sweet legal tender! Kid, tell the Donbot I'm quitting organized crime. From now on I'll stick to the regular kind.