Linda: Well, did you see what he got me for our anniversary?
Butters: Well first, he went to see a movie.
Linda: A movie? Hmm, I wonder why he'd wanna see a movie by himself.
Butters: I don't know. But it wasn't the movie theater at the mall. No, it was that, really old theater downtown. The Studcat. I didn't know it was open.
Linda: Wait a minute. What was the movie called?
Butters: Fisting Firemen 9. I've never seen 1 through 8.
Linda: Oh my God!
Butters: Uh, but it must have been a real short movie, though, because Dad came out, like, ten minutes later. And it must have been a sad film, too, because, he had a bunch of tissue paper with him when he came out. Poor old Dad, the movie really got to him.
Linda: Butters, where did Daddy go after the movie?
Butters: To the gym.
Linda Stotch: To the gym.
Butters: Yeah. The White Swallow Spa. (Linda screams) Yep. He went in there and wrestled with all kinds of guys. He wasn't too good, though. This one black guy had him pinned down for fifteen minutes straight!
Linda: Butters! Are you sure about this, you have to be absolutely sure.
Butters: Inspector Butters gets all the facts. I even got some neat-o pictures. (Linda looks at the pictures) The only thing I can't figure out is why dad told you he was going shopping for your present, when he was going out seeing movies and wrestling. (Linda collapses) Oh did you have a nice trip mom? See you next fall! (laughs) Mom?

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Butters Stotch
South Park Season 5 Episode 14: "Butters' Very Own Episode"
South Park
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South Park Season 5 Episode 14 Quotes

Reporter 1: Mrs. Stotch, what did the kidnapper look like?
Linda: Puerto Rican.
Repoter 2: Was he tall, short?
Linda: He was... average Puerto Rican height.

(Chris Stotch is walked in on by Butters while masturbating in a gay bathhouse private room)
Chris: AHH! Butters!
Butters: Hi, Dad!
Chris: Oh, god! Oh, ohhh!
Butters: I'm glad I found you! I think I know the perfect anniversary present for Mom. What are you doing with your wiener out there, Dad?
Chris: Butters, you need to leave here right now! You need to get out of here! Go home and wait for me to talk to you.
Butters: Oh...well, alright then. Well, see you at home!
(Butters closes the door, and heads back home)
Chris: Oh, Jesus no... oh, what have I done?