Leland: Well, of course, I lied! I'm possessed! Did you really think that the spawn of the devil would be honest with you-hu-hu-hu [he chuckles]?
David: Well, we believe the spawn of the devil would at least offer some evidence that he was, in fact, the spawn of the devil.

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Evil Season 2 Episode 1: "N is for Night Terrors"
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Evil Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

We cannot fall for a word that comes out of that fucker's mouth.


Marx: This came to us directly from the Cardinal. He has a new parishioner, a good man. He's been giving generously to the church, and he finally confessed why. In his youth, he allowed himself to become possessed.
Ben: Allowed himself?
Marx: Diabolical subjugation. He voluntarily submitted.
Ben: Pfft. To the devil?
David: In exchange for...