Padma: I'm pregnant.
AJ: Wow, so I'm going to be a father.
Padma: Yes, and I want yo to know that I'm open to you being as involved as you like. I know you're going to be a loving dad and a great role model. Just meet me halfway, and listen.
AJ: I can do that. But what can I do for you know?
Padma: Hm, maybe open up another 529 account for college.
AJ: Why would we need another account?
Padma: We're having twins.

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The Resident Season 5 Episode 23: "Neon Moon"
The Resident
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The Resident Season 5 Episode 23 Quotes

You guys broke up way too fast. It's kind of a pattern with you. You're a relationship wrecking ball.


Irving: We're well aware of what this exit is about and it ain't science, or money, because Dr. Voss would match any offer Talk to Leela. Fix this
Devon: I wish I could.