Annie: Who are you even going for?
Boomer: Rupert Grint.
Ruby: The ginger from Harry Potter?
Boomer: Yes. The doctor says he's closest to my bone structure.

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Good Girls Season 2 Episode 13: "King"
Good Girls
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Good Girls Season 2 Episode 13 Quotes

Beth: Why should it be you or Annie? I made you do it. Can I have my drink back?
Ruby: Made us? Which part?
Beth: The store, the money, Jeff, all of it. Take your pick.
Ruby: We could have said no.
Beth: But you never say no.
Ruby: I am not your yes-man.
Beth: No. You're a really good friend.

Boomer: I can't go in there.
Marion: I can't keep making up stories, Leslie.
Boomer: I'm not a kid anymore, Nana.
Marion: Then go be a big boy.