Hope: There were really wonderful parts of my father, but what if I have all the other parts too? He used to always say that the good in me came from my mom. If I become more like him, what if I lose the only piece of her that I have left?
Freya: You are equal parts your father and mother, and she would never disappear without a fight, Ever since you were little, people were terrified of what you could become because they were afraid that you might turn out like your dad. But you know what I think? I loved Niklaus. He was complicated and flawed and loyal, and he would have let the world burn just to save the people he loved. But you, you’re willing to let go of someone you love to save innocent people that you’ll never even meet. So I think you’re already better than all of us, and that your father and mother would say the same.

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Legacies Season 4 Episode 3: "We All Knew This Day Was Coming"
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