J.D.: You have had an amazing life.
Mrs. Tanner: Good, then we agree. Now, aren't there other patients you need to be seeing?
J.D.: Me? No, no, I've been off for two hours

Scrubs Season 1 Episode 4: "My Old Lady"
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Scrubs Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

J.D.: You didn't tell them, did you.
Mrs. Tanner: It didn't come up. Look, they don't need that burden; besides, they'd just give me a bunch of reasons to change my mind.
J.D.: Speaking of which, I took the liberty of jotting down a few things I think everybody should do at least once in their life.
Mrs. Tanner: Oh, no.
J.D.: Okay. "Number One: Eat a sausage-and-pepper hoagie from Enrico's".
Mrs. Tanner: Well, of course I've done that.
J.D.: "Number Two: Go to Asia".
Mrs. Tanner: [Something in Japanese]
J.D.: I'm gonna take that as a yes, and I'll also check off "Learn a foreign language".

[During surgery]
Surgical Intern: We are so lost.
Turk: We are not lost.
Surgical Intern: Go left here.
Turk: It's right.
Surgical Intern: You passed his Cooper's ligament three times already. Just stop and ask for directions.
Turk: You wanna drive this thing? 'Cause I will pull, I will pull this thing over and let you drive this thing