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  • The team celebrate Owen's remission, but he doesn't seem as enthused and Gywn notices. 
  • Tommy is stil having a hard time adjusting and doesn't think her team has adjusted to her yet either. She talks about it with Grace. 
  • TK asks when he gets to meet Carlos' parents and he avoids answering. 
  • Lava comes up through a pool at a pool party and melts one guy and causes issues. 
  • the lava orginates at a family fun center and the ground opens up and swallows up a father. 
  • They arrive at the scene and are able to save him, but Tim promises the kid that he'll be OK. Tommy reprimands him later for making promises he can't always keep. 
  • They find out that a dormant volcano erupted and that any potential crack can be an issue. 
  • Grace gets a call from the woman stuck in her food truck. Lava is surrounding it and a bunch of scorpions are covering the food truck and inside. Grace talks her through repelling them until Carlos arrives to save her. 
  • They arrive at the pool party  Tim treats a young man named Spence wh omay have lost the ability to walk. He's hit with something while treating him and it kills Tim. 
  • Owen feels guilt about it. Nancy is angry that they left him there. They all have to talk to the higher ups. 
  • Everyone deals with Tim's death differently. 
  • Tommy beats herself up, and then she supports Nancy and adopts Tim's cat. 
  • Owen confides in Gwyn about his survivor's guilt. 
  • A boy in the forest tries to start a fire but a stampede of animals come because they're escaping a wildfire.
9-1-1: Lone Star
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9-1-1: Lone Star Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Grace: It's hard being back isn't it?
Tommy: Honestly Gracie. It's been hell.
Grace: Oh no, ma'am! Now you tell me who had been giving you a hard time, and I'll have Judd come in here and beat them up. Unless it's Judd, then you leave it to me. I got you.
Tommy: Judd has been my champion. And I can't ask for a better group of people. It's just the last time I wore this uniform, my girls didn't exist. 

TK: Speaking of parents. When am I going to meet yours?
Carlos: you want some punch?