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  • Mateo's reckless roommates got his house blown up.
  • Carlos and TK are moving in together. 
  • A teen is trying to impress the popular kids and gets his hand stuck in the machine. His coworker tries to help him and gets sucked in. The teens film it and laugh but Marjan uses her social media to put them on blast.
  • Owen is hanving a hard time with Tk moving out. He feels lonely. 
  • Mateo is sleeping at the station because of the blast. Owen asks him to be his roommate. 
  • Grace is having a hard time recovering from the accident. She's refusing to let anyone help her. 
  • Mateo living with Owen is taking a toll on him. 
  • Owen cancelled his surgery for the last of his cancer. 
  • Grace goes out grocery shopping. She has a hard time and ends up stuck in her car. She calls Tommy for help six hours later. 
  • They all talk about how depressed Owen is and host an intervention. 
  • After Owen has a scare with Buttercup, he decides to reschedule his surgery. 
  • Grace finally learns to ask for help. 
  • The team responded to a call of a kid with no friends stuck on the roof and feeling lonely. So afterward, they called in a favor with the ice cream kids and they showed up for the kid's birthday. 
9-1-1: Lone Star
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9-1-1: Lone Star Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

Thank you, Judd. I love you, I promise I do. Please, go to work.


You're as tough as they came, ain't ya girl? But you should know better than to be trying to get around without a hand.