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  • Owen is having a series of one night stands and Mateo calls him out on doing that to fulfill a void.
  • A kid named Wyatt shows up at the station to talk to Judd. He says that he's Judd's son, and Grace and Charlie show up. He shares the news with her and it's possible because Wyatt found information off of a ancestry website.
  • a kid is told to set her house on fire through a camera. The fire rages on, and they cannot get to the little girl. Owen tells Paul and the others to drag Judd out because he wants to stay in there long enough to get the girl even though everything is coming down around him.
  • They get word that the kid wasn't in there and it's an abduction.
  • Carlos investigates the abduction.
  • Grace is upset about the kid and knows it isn't fair but is angry anyway.
  • Mateo tries to get Owen on an exclusive dating app. They try to get him on the app with Marjan's help.
  • Carlos tries to check in on the case and the detective gives him an update and shows him tapes of the camera giving her orders. She called him Mr. Whispers.
  • They handed their wi fi password out to many people who had access to it.
  • Carlos pours over footage and realizes that the old nanny is the one who was taling to Katie trough the nanny cam.
  • They track down Danica's home but they just miss her.
  • Tommy talks to Judd about Wyatt.
  • Grace comes around to it and invites Wyatt's mother over for dinner so everyone can talk about things.
  • Owen goes on a date with the governor's aide, and it isn't going well until he sees Danica with the kid and  carjacks her car to stop everything.
  • The detective says that Carlos should consider the detectives exam.
9-1-1: Lone Star
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9-1-1: Lone Star Season 3 Episode 5 Quotes

Sir, it's come to my attention that, uh, you're a lot taller than I expected. There's no easy way to say this, but I think you're my father.

Wyatt [to Judd]

I don't keep secrets from my wife.