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the funeral for Gabriel takes place.

Carlos tells TK that he wants to postpone the weddign and Owen helps him  cancel things.

Carlos finds a secret drawer in Gabriel's office that reveals VHS tapes and information about corruption in the various police forces including the rangers and connections tot he Cartel.

When watching one of the tapes he sees where Gabriel was talking about it when young Carlos interrupts and Gabirle is soft ans sweet with him while saying he'll kill the monsters.

Carlos goes down a rabbit hole trying to find out who killed his father and TK tries to support him but he won't get help and Carlos doesn't know who to trust.

TK talks to Owen about it just in time as Owen enlist Obrien to help when Carlos goes after the man he thinks killed his father. But the man turns out to be an undercver officer.

Carlos tells TK that the wedding is back on.

In the meantime, Judd brings Wyatt home and it's a learning curve and some tensions since Wyatt isn't comfortable there and doesn't feel Judd is cut out for taking care of him.

We learn that Robert didn't want Owen to help him die, but he wants him to be the one to find him and get rid of the evidence, and he wanted to die after a perfect moment.

The wedding takes place and it's beautiful. Owen has a moment when he envisions Gwyn there.

Owen realizes that this was the perfect moment Robert was talking about.

At he wedding reception, Tommy sings Gwyn's favorite song that TK dedicated to Carlos and she and Trevor talk about marriage.

Afterward, Owen and Robert have a final drink and Robert uses some gas to pass away. Carlos and TK are already on their honeymoon.

When he dies and morning comes, Owen calls 911.

9-1-1: Lone Star
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