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Hen's wife is upset when Hen doesn't want to have sex, but she promises they will the next night.

Buck warns Abby that the crazies all come out on the full moon. She doesn't believe that. 

Athena, Hen, and Chimney respond to a call about a prowler outside a woman's house. They realize the man was actually in the house, standing behind her and she saw his reflection. 

Buck and Bobby get called to a yoga studio for pregnant women. Three of the women go into labor and it's too late to transport them. Buck and Bobby help deliver one of the babies and rush a second woman to the hospital for an emergency c-section.

Abby gets a call from a woman and ends up listening to her being murdered. Abby believes the cops have the wrong guy. 

Athena and Hen respond to a man eating a girl and acting feral. Athena is forced to shoot him in the head.

Hen gets a call from her ex who is out of prison, despite Hen not helping with her parole hearing. She invites her over, but Hen says no.

Abby tries to convince the detective that they have the wrong guy. Abby calls Athena for help proving it. They determine that the prowler from earlier might be the killer. They figure out the old woman's daughter's ex husband is the attacker. He attacks, but his ex wife takes him down with a baseball bat. 

Buck and Bobby respond to a man with a tape worm. Buck pulls it out in the ambulance. 

Hen goes to her ex's and sleeps with her. 

Buck goes over to Abby's and they have sex. 


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9-1-1 Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Abby: I do not buy into all that full moon BS.
Buck: Buy into? No, no, no, it is science. Every full moon, the freaks come out. Crime increases, emergency rooms are packed, animals and kids go nuts.
Abby: No, in my experience, anyone who is going to be an idiot on the full moon, is going to be an idiot on the half moon, or the quarter moon, or the new moon.

Bobby: You read this in a peer-reviewed, scientific publication?
Buck: I don't know. Is the internet considered a scientific publication?