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A meteor crashes into a home and strikes a young woman in her abdomen leaving a hole. 

Hen, Maddie, and Eddie are seeing a therapist to talk about their trauma. 

Hen is cleared by the department who conclude the car accident that killed a young girl was an accident. Hen is cleared for work, but she reports that she isn't ready. She and Karen go away to a spa for a few days where they run into the life coach Hen saved before deciding to be a paramedic. 

May writes a college essay called "Living With The Enemy" that leave Athena upset. 

Tara calls Maddie frantically, and when Maddie arrives she sees that Tara shot her husband, Vincent. Maddie helps save Vincent's life, and later at the police station she is told that Vincent told the police he shot himself. 

A recycling truck carrying radioactive waste illegally crashes into a tunnel, pinning the driver. Bobby stays with the driver while everyone else evacuates and inhales a lot of cobalt while attempting to put the magnesium fire out. Later, he is told that will need to come back in for additional testing due to the radioactive exposure. 

Hen returns to work, and Maddie returns to therapy to talk about Doug's death. 

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9-1-1 Season 3 Episode 9 Quotes

Buck: Guys! Guys, I found it. All the way from outer space. Should I grab it?
Bobby: Doesn't belong to you, Buck.
Chimney: It belongs in a museum.

The sky is falling! The sky is falling!

Mrs. Ulyanov