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The 118 descends up an apartment fire. After believing the building is evacuated, they realize a deaf woman is still inside. Buck performs a rope rescue to save the woman.

Hen becomes exasperated after learning that a man they transported to the hospital later died because the nurses didn’t listen to the information she gave them.

Buck meets a retired firefighter, Red, and the two exchange war stories. He finds out that Red lives alone, and has no friends or family, but he did have a serious girlfriend once. Buck finds his old girlfriend, and the two men visit her.

They quickly realize that she has memory issues, and the men leave, with Red telling Buck to stay away from him.

A father and son go riding on a scooter and run over a drone in the street. Athena arrests the owner of the drone for operating the drone without a license, trespassing, and the destruction of private property.

Getting a bad feeling from the owner, Athena has someone look into what’s on the drone. She discovers the drone is being used to record women changing, but when she goes to retrieve the man, she finds out he has been released from custody.

Buck gets a call that Red is in the hospital, and he finds out that Red is dying.

After a chef is injured by an exploding whipped cream canister, Hen performs a risky surgery in the ambulance to stabilize him.

Buck gets Red out of the hospital and has the 118 and other firefighters pick him up and escort him home. He later passes away.

Athena tracks the drone owner, but he’s already fled his home. They soon find tapes at his house showing he is a serial rapist.

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9-1-1 Season 3 Episode 16 Quotes

Okay, Buckley, guess we'll celebrate alone.


Eddie: You want to do a rope rescue? Of course, you do.
Bobby: Well, he's not doing it alone. He's gonna need you on the pulley. Go, go, go!