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A mom takes her young daughter on a hot air balloon ride, but high winds force them unexpectedly to the ground. The balloon then takes off with then young girl still inside.

The 118, with help from the balloon operator, are able to get the balloon grounded to get the young girl.

Athena joins a task force to capture the serial rapist. She and a colleague interview some of his victims and find out he may take souvenirs from then. His credit card statements show a coffee shop he frequented, and Athena goes to investigate.

A woman steals a tree trimming truck and runs into power lines electrocuting herself. Soon thereafter, the power goes out in half of the city.

The 118 rescues a man trapped in a walk-in closet, and Michael gets trapped in a hospital elevator with a doctor.

Athena finds herself at a storage unit near the coffee shop. She is attacked by the rapist but is able to shot him just before back-up arrives.

Thinking that Hen is cheating on her after finding a mysterious text, Karen goes to Chimney to commiserate. Hen informs them that she was meeting with a doctor because she’s thinking about taking the MCATs.

Maddie gets a call from a woman reporting a train derailment, and the woman is Maddie.

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9-1-1 Season 3 Episode 17 Quotes

I know you feel powerless, but you're not. You have all the power right now. So use it

Mom [to Sophie]

Buck: It all looks so romantic until someone has to call 911. I heard dispatch gets a lot of calls from these things.
Eddie: Maddie tell you that?
Buck: Uh, no. Someone else.