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Picking up from the helicopter crash, the 118 are able to pull the paramedic free, and Bobby is able to retrieve the transplant heart before the helicopter falls to the ground and explodes.

Four days later, Los Angeles is in the midst of a power outage and record heatwave. Michael has people over to Athena’s while Athena discovers Ransome is still alive in the hospital.

The 118 has all shifts at the firehouse, and Ana and Christopher stop by with food, leading to an odd encounter that Buck witnesses.

After realizing Hudson never made it back to the prison, the SWAT team goes to Lila’s house and finds her dead.

The 118 is called to downtown LA, where the LA zoo has escaped animals. They find a man with a broken leg, and Bobby and Athena go back into his store to retrieve a man that has been attacked by an alpaca.

A 12-year-old ventilator dies, and his mother calls 911. May comes up with a plan for his neighbors to connect extension cords from one of the houses with power to connect to the ventilator.

Eddie confides in Buck that he had a panic attack over Ana and their relationship, while Chimney confides in Hen about Maddie’s postpartum depression. Later, Maddie drifts off momentarily while Jee-Yun is in the bathtub, and she slips under the water briefly.

Athena is staking out one of Hudson’s victims, waiting for him to make a move when she’s called to the hospital where Ransome is awake. He reminds her that she is also one of Hudson’s victims.

Hudson is shown to be at Athena’s house playing a game with Harry.

Bobby and Athena race home, and they realize Harry is missing.

Hudson has Athena’s badge and Harry in the trunk of a car.

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9-1-1 Season 5 Episode 2 Quotes

Chimney: Give me a charger, or Uncle Buck will never see his niece again.
Buck: Give him the charger.
Ravi: Well played.
Chimney: So, let this be a lesson. Never give Buck a clipboard. Never.

Hen: What's your name?
Manny: Manny.
Hen: Manny, how long you been a paramedic?
Manny: Been at it almost a month.
Hen: Oh, wow. You're lucky, Manny. It was awhile before I got to see any real action.
Manny: This ain't quite the action I was looking for.