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Flashbacks to 2020 show the aftermath of Hudson’s encounter with Athena. And then later the aftermath of Ransone’s death, and leading up to the kidnapping of Harry.

Harry calls Athena to tell her he’s okay, while Hudson taunts her.

Harry frees himself from the trunk but is apprehended by Hudson. A passerby gets the exchange on video and uploads it to social media, where May finds it and sends it to Athena and Michael.

After getting a call from Hudson, Athena goes after him on her own. Hudson brings her to the autonomous zone, where he hides after stuffing Harry into the wall of one of his abandoned properties.

Athena shows the people a photo of Hudson waving a badge, and they find him. Hudson flees with Athena close behind, and she corners him in a subway station, along with the 118. When Hudson raises his weapon at Bobby, Athena shoots him dead.

After piecing together the clues to the abandoned properties from Hudson’s company, everyone descends upon the home, and they rescue Harry.

Soon after that, the power comes back on, and everyone can return home.

Eddie breaks up with Ana while Maddie leaves Jee-Yun at the station and leaves Chimney a video telling him that she’s leaving.

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9-1-1 Season 5 Episode 3 Quotes

Buck: So, that was awesome, Cap. Just not having it tonight, huh?
Hen: Everything okay?
Bobby: Harry's been kidnapped.

Bobby: Since when do anarchists have rules?
Eddie: Adapt or die.
Bobby: There's no rules here!