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Gabi goes out for her driver’s test with instructor, Chloe. While taking the test, an oil well erupts and sucks their car into the ground. Chloe gets impaled by a pen, and the 118 pushes the vehicle over the well to cap it and get the ladies out.

After Taylor leaves his apartment abruptly, Bucks worries that she’s getting ready to leave him.

Hen helps a man, Clive, who was friends with his mother many years ago.

In 1987, a masked man on a motorcycle robs a casino and makes away with a million dollars. Presently, a man tries to cash a chip from that robbery, and Athena is alerted. She and Bobby then role-play at the casino as a means to find out what happened.

Taylor tells Buck that she is leaving town to go to Oklahoma and speak at her father’s parole hearing. She asks Buck not to come, but he shows up for her.

Bobby and Athena realize that there were two people involved in the robbery and discover that the current manager, who was a dealer at the time, helped a high roller customer with the theft.

Hen takes Toni to meet with Clive, but she leaves abruptly. Later, after talking with Hen about her time with Clive, she decides to meet up with him for a drive.

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9-1-1 Season 5 Episode 9 Quotes

I hope she's insured.


Chloe: You didn't...
Gabi: What?
Chloe: Run. Still...here.
Gabi: Where would I go? I don't have a license.