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Two sisters are at the renaissance faire, and as one prepares for a jousting match, a swarm of bees gets into her knight costume, causing her to pass out. The 118 arrives and sprays her with foam, carefully extracting her helmet and gear to free the queen bee and stabilize her.

Buck babysits Jee-Yun while Maddie and Chim go house-hunting. Later, after an unsuccessful trip, the two decide to put Jee-Yun's bedroom in the main living room, which results in her not sleeping well.

May comes by Athena and Bobby's for dinner and brings her old friend Darius.

Tyler imagines different scenarios in which his overbearing boss dies. When he gives him his coffee, his boss passes out, and Tyler blames himself, fearing that he gave him the coffee with the milk he's allergic to. The 118 arrive, but they soon discover that the man has had a heart attack.

Eddie and Carla get Christopher fitted into his suit for a school dance. And Eddie begins to wonder if Christopher has a crush and isn't talking to him about it.

May and Darius go to an old friend's house for a party and encounter one of the roommates, Erik, who is standoffish and rude to them.

The 118 leaves a scene and heads to another, unaware that a couple is making out on top of the truck. When the truck makes an abrupt turn, a man falls off, injuring his shoulder and alerting the team to the couple.

May goes inside her friend's apartment, waits for Darius, and re-encounters Erik. The two don't get along, and when he leaves abruptly, May finds his abandoned notebook, which is a manifesto. She takes the book and calls Athena, who comes to her.

When Darius arrives at the house, he finds Erik searching for his book. And then he takes Darius hostage, believing May took the book. He then calls May, and she has to talk to Erik while the police get in position to arrest him.

Athena is able to get inside and get him.

May and Darius kiss, Buck and Hen visit the renaissance faire, and Eddie and Carla take Christopher to his dance.



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9-1-1 Season 6 Episode 8 Quotes

Maddie: Are you sure that you're okay with her all day?
Buck: Are you kidding me? I get to spend the whole day with my niece. I'm living the dream.

Eddie: Why do they keep coming back?
Hen: Their queen must be trapped underneath.
Buck: Okay, well, then let's get her out.