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The Santa Ana winds blow through Los Angeles, and Bobby builds a cross out in the canyon.

Josh laments filling in at the call center for one of his co-workers during the increased winds, which brings out more emergencies.

The 118 are called to a residence after a dog comes home with a severed hand. They apprehend a man with a missing finger who tries to run off with the hand, which leads them to the victim. They then realize there is another victim, as the man with the missing hand has a finger from another victim.

On Denny's birthday, he asks Hen and Karen questions about his birth mother.

Bobby gets a visit from his sponsor Wendell, who informs him he's going out of town to visit his family. But Bobby worries about him.

A tired Josh covers another co-worker's shift, and he receives several strange calls. He then repeatedly gets a call from a house, but no one is on the line. When the police arrive, they don't find anyone, and the officer injures himself.

Hen and Chimney come to the house, dubbed the murder house, to help the officer. And Chimney is able to stop the phone from continuously dialing 911.

Bobby gets a worrisome voicemail from Wendell.

While at the station, a woman drives into the building, revealing she's naked and sleepwalking with no knowledge of getting into the car and going to the station.

The team assembles on the roof as Chimney pours over information about the murder house. They're then called to a fire in the middle of a wooded area, where Bobby finds the charred remains of Wendell.

Bobby discovers Wendell lied to him about visiting his family. And Athena informs him that the area he was found at was a common place for drug users that was near a rehab center. They wonder if he was headed to rehab.

Hen shows Denny pictures of Eva and an old box of things she gave Hen before Denny was born but withholds a file folder.

The 118 talk on a conference call, and Buck informs them that Kameron and Connor are pregnant. And Hen struggles with Denny's questions about his biological parents.

Bobby goes to the rehab center near where Wendell died, and he sees that the owners were a couple at the fire scene.

Josh tells Maddie and Linda he's quitting after three days of working during the winds. Maddie and Linda then tell him that he set him up to work because he often bragged about never working during the full moon. He then tells them he knew they pranked them.

Chimney brings Maddie to the murder house and tells her the real story about the family that used to live there. The two then decide to buy the house.

Denny takes the file that Hen withheld from the box of Eva's things and travels to the home of the man he believes to be his father.

Bobby sits outside the house of the owner of the rehab center, watching them.

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9-1-1 Season 6 Episode 9 Quotes

Hen: I didn’t see that coming.
Karen: That has been coming for ten years. But I think we handled it right. Answer his questions. Follow his lead.
Hen: Yeah, I think it went okay.
Karen: Then why do you still look so spooked?

Buck: Every year, I think, well, that’s it. We’ve seen everything now, and then the Santa Ana’s blow in, and it’s like, oh look, something weirder.
Eddie: A severed hand. We’ve seen those before.
Buck: Yeah, usually in the general vicinity of its owner.