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  • It's Jihoon and Deavan's wedding day. It gets hectic when it's time to get dressed and perform the ceremony under the timeframe. 
  • The wedding goes off whithout a hitch. Everyone enjoys themselves and looks nice. Elicia and Jung walk down the ailse, and Deavan's father walks her down the aisle. They even get to do a quick father daughter dance at the end of the aisle. 
  • Bini takes Ari and Avi to his favorite holiday celebration. Shortly into it, Avi gets uncomfortable and wants to leave. 
  • Bini is planning to propose to her at the festival, but they spend the entire day arguing. Eventually, he does propose to her and she says yes.
  • Brittany and Yazan use Adam to communicate again. She tells him that maybe they shoud consider going to the US and that maybe they should get the K1 - Visa. 
  • Brittany asks Obaida to look after Yazan. the country goes under lockdown, so Brittany leaves to head back to the US. They have a very loving goodbye. 
  • Armando gets news about their marriage license. They were accepted. He and Kenny are so happy and tell Hannah the good news. 
  • Kenny plans a romantic day on the beach horseback riding with Armando. 
  • Sumit's parents still refuse to accept Jenny and his mother threatens suicide if he marries her. He agrees to not marry Jenny. 
  • He does give Jenny a promise ring. 
90 Day Fiance: The Other Way
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