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Sumit tells Jenny that he is going to see his parents. Jenny shares the real history between herself and Sumit's parents. Back in 2013, she visited India and stayed with his family for four months. They thought she was just a Facebook friend, but she was really sleeping with Sumit behind their back.

.Sumit's parents share their own side of the story too and mention how betrayed they felt and that they wanted Sumit with someone younger so they could have grandkids.

Brittany leaves Jordan. She tells Yazan that she is going to visit her sister when really she got a call about her divorce. There is a hearing set up. Yazan feels like she's lying, but he misses her.

Kenny and Armando say goodbye to his girls. They prepare to go see Armando's family.

Bini and Ari aren't getting along. Bini doesn't know what's wrong. Ari talks about possibly or hypothetically leaving which worries Bini.

They go see an apartment that is really nice but out of their price range. Ari gets upset when they can't get it and they argue in the cab.

Tim tells Melyza he can't find a job without marriage. They both argue. When he leaves, Melyza says she's keeping a secret from him too.

Elicia leaves Korea. She's concerned about leaving them with Jihoon. She spends her last day with Deavan at a tea shop. Jihoon watches the kids. Jihoon is happy Elicia left and Deavan is mad that Jihoon is still borrowing money from his mom.

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way
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