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  • Ari is sad when Janice prepares to leave. She and Janice have a nice chat, and janice tels her that she'll send a plane ticket if Ari changes her mind. 
  • Ari ges emotional and tries to talk to Bini about it, but she doesn't feel like he understand her. She tells him that she's not looking forward to being by herself with him,and she feels lonely there. 
  • Ari wants to go home. 
  • Jihoon and Deavan prepare for a celebration of Taeyang's 100 days alive. It's a traditional celebration and Jihoon's whole family will be there. Deavan is nervous about being accepted. 
  • Deavan has to cook with Jihoon's mother.
  • Deavan doesn't know if anyone there will accept her and Drascialla, but they all do. 
  • Brittany and Yazan talk about an incident that happened the previous night. Yazan's extended family shared a photo of Brittany in a bathing suit arond and said she doesn't respect the culture. 
  • She and Yazan got into an argument and she sent him a flurry of texts. They make up though. 
  • Tim looks for a job in Colombia, but he doesn't have a work visa. 
  • Kenny and Armando go out to eat with Kenny's daughters. After an incident where a man calls them a slur, Armando is upset. 
90 Day Fiance: The Other Way
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