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90210 doesn't waste much time telling us what happened with Ethan: he's alright, following last episode's car accident. But the same can't be said for Rhonda, the girl who Ethan ran into. She has a punctured lung - and Ethan feels terrible about it.

He befriends Rhonda (Aimee Teegarden), especially after he learns that she goes to West Beverly... yet he had no idea. Rhonda talks to Ethan about how he's caught up in his popular, jock world. This really gets to Ethan, who vows to live life the fullest and and experience new things. This includes quitting the play, much to the chagrin of Annie. Because she's caught up in trying to be the best actress she can, a riff is forming between her and her boyfriend.

Near the end of the episode, after Ethan helps Rhonda into her hospital bed and promises to be there again first thing the next day, we see Rhonda pounce for the remote. She then smiles a seemingly knowing smile. Looks like she's faking the severity of the injury, milking Ethan's guilt for all its worth.

Meanwhile, Dixon can't get over Silver. He attends a party at Christina's house, which Silver ends up crashing and then flipping out at because she thinks Dixon and Christina are more than friends. Once Silver calms down, the truth comes out: she's in love with Dixon, too. AWWW! These two are now back together.

Now, for the biggest storyline of the episode: Adrianna is shocked by how helpful Ty and his parents are, after she tells him about the pregnancy. She later learns there's a major catch to their kindness, though: they wan Adrianna to disappear to New Mexico once she begins to show, and they also wants her to sign a contract that promises she'll give the child up for adoption, while never even speaking of it again. This irks Adrianna... and her mother, who actually stands up for her daughter once the truth comes out.

Adrianna's mother says she will help her child through this difficult time, which inspires Adrianna: she goes live on the air, across West Beverly's hallways, and announces to the student body that she's pregnant. The episode ends with a confident Adrianna walking the halls of the high school, obvlious - or just uncaring - to the stares around her. You go, girl!

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90210 Season 1 Episode 15 Quotes

If Perez Hilton has taught us anything, it's that you can't hide a baby bump forever.


I'm pregnant. And it's your baby.

Adrianna [to Ty]