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It's Valentine's Day on 90210! Here's what that means, character-by-character, for everyone on the show:

Navid and Adrianna: Navid takes Nika to the school dance, and Adrianna is surprisingly cool about this. Seems like her heart has grown as much as her belly, as she tells Navid he deserves a normal life and is glad he can have that with Nika. But it looks like Navid doesn't want it: he stops by Adrianna's after the dance, asks her to be his Valentine and the former couple make out. Awww!

Dixon and Silver: These two are doing some serious making out of their own. They can't stop telling one another that they love each other and Silver promises her boyfriend an amazing Valentine's Day. With the help of Naomi, Silver snags a table at the W Hotel (where Naomi is staying) restaurant. The date goes incredibly well... so well, in fact, that Silver wants to get a room for the night. If you know what she means!

And Dixon sure knows! This couple takes the next big step in its relationship.

Sounds great, right? It was... but it also sort of turns Silver insane. She can't stop kissing Dixon in the hallway, even as the bell for class rings. More important - and scary for Dixon - is that Silver shows off a tattoo she just got. It's his name scribbled across her hip. Yikes. Good luck with this, Dixon!

Naomi: She is totally flirting with the new bartender at the hotel. His name is Liam. As a Valentine's Day surprise, she sends a bottle of champagne to his house and includes a note that asks him to meet her later that night. Liam never shows. Naomi is bummed about it, but the reason will soon make things even worse:

The next day in school, a new student is introduced: it's Liam! Turns out he's only in high school (Naomi figured he was older; which he also figured about her) and his mom found out that he was tending bar instead due to Naomi's note. The flirting is over for these two for now, as Liam is none too pleased about Naomi's age or her actions.

Ethan/Annie: Rhonda comes clean early in the episode and tells Ethan that she's been milking her injury because she likes spending time with him. For some reason, Ethan doesn't seem to care. He says they're friends and should just be honest going forward. Annie is having a hard time with her boyfriend's burgeoning relationship with another girl, though, especially as Ethan keeps talking about profound deep things in life - and Annie can't even summon any real emotion for a solid monologue in acting class.

Annie is realizing how shallow her life has been, so she later commits a grave error: after Rhonda opens up to Ethan and Annie about being humilated at a high school dance and consequently overdosing on sleeping pills (which led to her transfer to West Beverly), Annie steals this story and uses it in front of her acting class in order to summon the sort of emotion her teacher demanded. Just one problem: Ethan is watching.

He leaves, disgusted and never calls Annie to go to the dance. He spends the entire time there with Rhonda instead, who takes this a certain way. She leans in to kiss Ethan at the end of the night, but he says they are just friends.

The next day at school, Rhonda is mad because she thinks Ethan led her on and/or is denying his feelings for her; while Ethan is still not talking to Annie. No one is happy in this threesome when the episode ends.

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