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We're instantly introduced to a new girl named Kimberly in this episode of 90210. She's got a serious attitude and, it seems, a serious flirtation going with Ryan (who tells Silver that he's busy dating now that Kelly is gone, but this appears to be an excuse for his lame attempt at Internet dating.)

Meanwhile, Silver is planning a half birthday celebration at Hollywood Forever cemetery. They're showing some scary movie there, and Silver loves scary movies! Dixon? Not so much. He falls asleep when Silver tries to show him a few one night. We think he wanted to see something else, if you know what we mean!! (We mean boobs.)

In a different kind of scary story line, Harry receives the news from Tracy that she has hired a private investigator to track down their son. In the principal's office, she then kisses Harry, who immediately backs away. Tracy may be going through some issues now that her husband and her have finally divorced.

Tracy's daughter, Naomi, has some issues of her own to sort through... legal issues! After finding a tube of cocaine in Adrianna's purse, Naomi acts like a true - albeit moronic - friend for the first time in this show's history: she runs to the bathroom and tries to flush the stash down the toilet when police raid the hallways. But it's too late. She's taken away in handcuffs.

While all this is going down, Annie and Ethan are bonding over a baby. Yes, 90210 has ripped off the Saved by the Bell plot that finds students assigned to taking care of a child. In this case, it's bringing this possible future couple together. They even attend the weird cemetery event together.

Also on hand there are Ryan and a lame Internet date. She's an actress with no sense of humor. New student Kim gives Ryan a hard time about dating her. Debbie and Harry are also present, and the latter tells the former about Tracy's impromptu kiss earlier. Debbie responds by saying she misses Kansas.

We close with...

  • Annie and Ethan almost kiss;
  • It's revealed that Kim is an undercover cop, hired by Harry to find drugs at the school;
  • Adrianna doesn't show up at th lawyer's office to admit the drugs were hers. So Naomi calls, bitches Adrianna out over voicemail, and we see that Adrianna is being treated by paramedics for an overdose.
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90210 Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

I'm a strange girl whose gonna have the most rockingest half birthday ever!


Ryan: The old new girl is from Kansas and it just doesn't get any better than that.
Annie: There's no place like home!