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We zoom in on Harry's office to kick off this episode of 90210. Adrianna's mother insists that her daughter doesn't do drugs and if the school implies otherwise, she'll sue!

Meanwhile: Silver and Dixon are making out like the sky is falling, Naomi is scheming to get her parents back together, and Dylan calls! He touches base with Brenda via cell phone, and she hands the phone to Kelly as Ryan stands by idly. Awkward!

Soon after the phone call, Kelly tells Ryan that she can't date him right now; he understands, but also replies with the good question of why Dylan called Brenda instead of Kelly. That topic is broached later on, when Kelly confronts Brenda about her relationship with Dylan. Ms. Walsh says they barely keep in touch, as she leaves for the fashion show that Debbie is photographing.

However: when Brenda leaves Kelly, she deletes Dylan from her phone, tears in her eyes. Shady.

Also shady? Naomi, who hijacks her dinner with her dad and his girlfriend in order to tell the latter that Naomi's parents still have sex. The next step in Naomi's plan to reunite her mom and dad is to invite them both, separately, to the fashion show. That kind of plan always ends well.

At the party/fashion show, Adrianna and Annie are bonding. The latter actually helps the former land an audition, which leads the former to admit she tricked Annie into thinking she slept with Ty. Annie isn't very understanding when this lie is revealed. Adrianna also reacts badly when she sees Annie talking to Ryan at the party and thinks this was all some set up to catch her doing drugs.

The party continues to go badly: Naomi's parents are mad at their daughter for the attempted set-up; while Silver is hit on by the head of a modeling agency. When he crosses the line, Dixon punches him. The guy totally deserved it, but he reacts by firing Debbie and her partner from the account. That can't be good.

Here's how we end the episode:

  • Ty shows up at the fashion show. He and Annie clear things up, but she says she just wants to be friends;
  • Ethan and Naomi realize they aren't meant for one another and break up. Again. For real this time;
  • Silver goes home to Kelly and finds out that Kelly is taking Sammy to go see Dylan and figure out what's going on. Silver is permitted to remain in Kelly's house while her sister is gone;
  • Adrianna buys drugs from her new dealer.



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90210 Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Harry: She is having a rough time.
Annie: So is everyone else. It's called high school.

I go to like five auditions per week. So I may be tired sometimes... but it doesn't mean I'm on drugs!