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Homecoming dance is here!  Dixon asks Silver to go, but she decides it's not really their thing.  Instead he gets to take care of her after she gets her wisdom teeth out.  Yay!  Ethan tells Annie he wants to ask her to homecoming but he can't because it's too soon since Naomi.  Instead they'll just go seperately and dance together.

Naomi finds out that Adrianna almost died from her overdose but is still alive.  She told that the drugs were not Naomi's and all she'll be getting is detention for lying.  Adrianna arrives at her very high end rehab, "Currents," that somehow her lawyer hooked up for her.  Naomi invites Annie to come over to her house to get ready for homecoming and they'll all go together.

Naomi meets a cute spanish bad boy at detention.  Navid comes to visit Adrianna at rehab and says he's doing a story about her.  She uses the phone to text Naomi who just deletes the txt message.  Dixon brings a very loopy Silver back from the dentist and she passs out on the couch.

Navid continues to visit Adrianna at rehab but all she wants is to apologize to Namoi.  The girls all start to get ready at Naomi's and Navid comes over to try and get Naomi to visit Adrianna.  When she refuses he goes there alone.  Annie calls Silver and tells Silver Dixon must really be into her because he normally loves Homecoming. 

At the dance, Naomi goes to get drinks for Annie and her and Ethan steals Annie away for a dance.  Naomi comes back to see them dancing and then when the cute boy from detention asks her to dance, she reluctantly accepts.  Adrianna some how sneaks out of rehab and shows up at the dance and tries to talk to Naomi who tells her she doesn't want to go down that road again.

Ryan finds Kimberly buying drugs off a student and takes her to Harry who doesn't want to do anything.  Ryan finally learns Kimberly is an undercover cop.  Harry meanwhile just finished talking to Traci, much o Debbie chagrin.  Annie comes outside to talk to Naomi about Adrianna.  Namoi tells her she wants to be friends with Annie but can't unless she doesn't date Ethan.

Silver feels bad and gets dressed and makes Dixon go to homecoming with her.  Debbie builds up the guts and confronts Traci and threatens to punch her if she goes near Harry again.  Navid catches Adrianna trying to buy drugs outside the dance and we find out they're old friends.  He's the one that paid to get Adrianna into Currents.  All he wats is for her to get beter.  Namoi comes outside and Adrianna is able to apologize.

The episode ends with Ethan kissing Annie, Silver kissing Dixon, Ryan kissing Kimberly, and Naomi, Navid and Adrianna walking home together.

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90210 Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

I saw your big poster out there in the hallway. I take it your going to homecoming with one of the other big posters. You know, you one dimensional creatures normally stick together. It's a good thing.

Cute Guy from Detention

Dixon: Want to go with me to homecoming?
Silver: No
Dixon: Really? Why?
Silver: Because it's everything that's wrong with this place.... it's a big popularity contest set to music