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A heat wave overtook Beverly Hills during this episode of 90210. Here's a recap of what else went down on the show , character by character:

Tabitha and Debbie: These two have it out over how much Tabitha interferes in the lives of Dixon and Annie. Debbie thinks her mother-in-law spoils the kids, a point driven home by the new car Tabitha buys for them and the fact that she gives Annie the keys to her Palm Beach home (more on this later). Fortunately, Harry stands up for his wife and eventually Debbie and Tabitha have a good talk; the latter apologizes and Debbie accepts the car on behalf of the children (she had initially not allowed it). We also learn that Tabitha has earned a role in a mini series and will leave to film it for a bit.

Silver and Dixon: After receiving advice from Navid that Silver has "sour grapes" and wants to be told that Dixon loves her, our man follows through with those words during the West Beverly beach party. It doesn't go well. Not only Silver doesn't say it back, but she doesn't seem very understanding when Dixon reacts in a hurt manner to this lack of reciprocation. The couple sort of makes up at school, agreeing to pretend as though the incident never happened, but Dixon is clearly affected by it.

Adrianna: After initially giving Naomi the impression that she is using drugs again - a rumor Naomi accidentally spreads to the school by telling her new, annoying friends - Adrianna comes clean to her BFF: she's pregnant. Naomi is very understanding, at least, offering to be there in every way possible. Navid? Not so much. He breaks up with Adrianna because he simply can't handle the idea of dating someone that got knocked up by someone else.

Ethan and Annie: These two are causing PDA alerts everywhere they go. There's certainly no lack of "I love you" in this relationship. When the two of them get away to Tabitha's house in Palm Springs, the plan is to have sex. As they begin to shed clothing, though, Ethan is overtaken by the pressure. He stops. He tells Annie that he's afraid of hurting her and she says it's too late, he just did. Ouch.

The next day at school, though, Ethan explains: it would be more than just sex between these two. He loves her. He wants them to last. So maybe they should actually slow down and build up to the intercourse in order to treat it with the respect it deserves. Annie kisses him. This couple is A-Ok as the episode comes to an end.

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