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90210 has really founds its groove. We're enjoying each week's episodes more and more. With that in mind, let's tackle the latest installment, character-by-character...

Debbie and Harry: Might as well show the parents some love, even though they didn't do much this week. Debbie was taking shots of a nude model; so, naturally, Harry wanted to come along. He didn't realize, though, that it was a MALE nude model. Pretty funny banter between these two.

Dixon and Annie: And why did Debbie and Harry have free time to joke around with each other? Because their children spent spring break at grandma's house in Palm Springs... or so they told their parents. Instead. Dixon convinced Annie to lie and go on a roead trip to Arizona. The reason? To have fun at a few waterparks... or so Dixon said. Once the pair arrived in Arizona - and once the show hilariously shilled Dr. Pepper over and over - Dixon told Annie his real motivation for the trip: he wanted to see his birth mom.

Ever since Silver's breakdown, Dixon had developed more sympathy for his mom, who is also bipolar. Dixon feels bad that, when he was eight years old and given the choice to be adopted or to live with his mom (his grandmother had just died), he chose adoption. He wants to apologize.

But when Dixon and Annie pull up to Dixon's mom's work, he can't get out of the car. Annie does it for him. She apologizes on his behalf, but Dixon's mon says there is no reason to: she's the one who told child welfare, back in the day, that Dixon should be adopted. She and Annie have a very nice talk.

Donna, Kelly and Silver: Kelly is being extra strict with Silver. She's just looking out for her well-being, following last week's meltdown, but Silver is frustrated at basically being locked in her house. Both receive a surprise early in the episode: Donna!!! She shows up to help take care of Silver, as she and Kelly bond. Turns out Donna is a wildly successful designer in Japan.

As she's eating lunch with Kelly, Oscar-winner screenwriter Diablo Cody stops at the table and says she loves Donna's dress. Could she design one for Cody for a red carpet event? This eventually leads to a shot of Donna on the red carpet, as she helps Cody make last-minute adjustments to the outfit. It's a pretty funny scene. Later on - because Donna knows Silver loves Cody, but Kelly had barred Silver from attending the movie premiere - Donna brings Diablo over to Kelly's house and Silver flips out... but in a good way.

All seems to end well with this storyline, until Donna reveals a secret to Kelly: her and David are separated. (If this remains true, will it bother any other Beverly Hills, 90210 fans? It seems like a rip-off to change the history of that show, after it gave us a satisying finale so many years ago. Discuss!)

Liam, Ethan and Naomi: These three end up on a Habitat for Humanity trip. Liam is forced to go by Mr. Matthews; Naomi signs up to go when she sees Liam's name on the list; and Ethan wants to experience more than just Beverly Hills.

During the outing, Liam continues to be hot and cold to Naomi. One second he's blowing her off, the next second, he's having sex with her in the woods (seriously). She's confused. So is Ethan, for different reasons. When he hears Liam has peyote, he asks for some so he can get high and learn more about himself. Liam agrees, as long as they do it together. As a result, this pair ends up in the woods, drinking beers and sort of bonding.

Ethan starts to have a revelation, supposedly due to the peyote: he's too nice, too phony. He always smiles because he doesn't wanna cause any trouble... but screw that! It's time to actually be himself. He soon discovers that Liam tricked him and there never was any peyote. But, hey, the revelation still occurred, right? Following a nice round house to Liam's face, Ethan and him actually end up growing close. They're quasi friends now. The episode ends with Liam driving Ethan home (oh, and promising Naomi he'll totally do her again).

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90210 Season 1 Episode 19 Quotes

Harry: How will we pass the time? I've got an idea: sex. Lots of sex. Starting right now.

Naomi: Play your cards right and maybe we'll see some along time together.
Liam: That's an oxymoron.

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