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Tonight's time-honored tradition of a sleepover that grows out of control was the focus of the latest 90210 episode.

Before Silver could host the shindog, though, Harry told his children about his bastard child with Tracy. It didn't go over too well, especially with Annie. Dixon dealt with it better, but still opened up to Silver about how his birth father was a drug addict and his birth mother was crazy. Hence, his adoption by the Wilsons.

Now, on to the party! Here's a rundown of each chararacter's story line from the event:

Navid/Adrianna: These two were alone upstairs when Adrianna made her move and quickly whipped out a condom. She figured Navid must want sex for having paid for her rehab. But it turns out he just likes Adrianna. After initially being insulted by her assumption, Navid forgives Adrianna and it looks like this pair is an official couple by episode's end.

Ryan: Ryan picks Kimberly up from the party, but is spotted doing so by George. He later tells Mr. Matthews that he's aware he's sleeping with a student (remember, George doesn't know Kimberly is undercover) in an attempt to blackmail himself back on to the lacrosse team. When Harry finds out about this, he suspends Ryan in order to keep up the appearance that Kimberly is a student.

Naomi: Naomi spends the party flirting with Ozzie. He tells her that he doesn't like games and she appears to be ready to simply be open with him the next day at school. But you'll soon find out why something else prevents her from doing so.

Annie/Ethan: These two choose to keep their relationship a secret from Naomi until she's moved on a bit. This proves difficult at the party, as a drunk Annie really wants to spend time with Ethan, but she's asked to serve as "wing girl" as Naomi flirts with Ozzie. Later, Naomi and Annie bond over their half-brother and Annie feels guilty about the lie her and Ethan are keeping.

She tells him as much the next day at school and they decide to be open about their relationship. They make out in a classroom to celebrate... and are spotted doing so by Naomi. Oops!

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90210 Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

You're kind of an amazing kisser.

Adrianna [to Navid]

Adrianna: That was pretty sappy.
Navid: That's one of the side effects of being a nice guy.