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A bridal shower for Adrianna did not end well for the guest of honor on this episode. But we'll get to that shortly.

First, we gotta talk about Liam taking the boys out for a night at a strip club. Hosting this impromptu bachelor party, Liam provided Navid, Ethan and Dixon with fake IDs. But were they really fake? At the end of the night, Liam paid for everyone's drinks with a credit card... on which was the name of the guy on Liam's ID. Weird. Shady. Ethan shot his new friend a worried look.

Also during this evening out, Dixon got wasted. Because the guy doesn't drink, the alcohol hit him hard. But can you blame him? Dixon has been dealing with a difficult Silver these days, who earlier in the episode turned down his request to go to the prom.

Later on, however, Ethan would (accidentally, it seemed) talk some sense into Silver. He explained how both sides of a couple need to make sacrifices in order to make a relationship work, which prompted Silver to actually ask Dixon to the prom. That should be a fun event.

Meanwhile, Jen is very much making her presence in Beverly Hills felt. She convinces her father to give some of Naomi's trust fund to her now. She also sets up one of Naomi's enemies at school for shop lifting and goes on a house-hunting mission with her sister (they're gonna live together).

However, during Jen's date with Ryan - which went very well, as Ryan originally lied and said he was working on a novel, to impress this pretty girl, but then came clean during a bonding moment on the date - she made an admission: she blew through her trust fund in two months. She has no money. Therefore, when Naomi later volunteers to pay for their new house herself, we know that Jen has deceived her sister with some story about the bank messing up her transfer. Interesting to see where this goes.

Now, on to the major news:

Adrianna is greeted by Navid's mom at the former's bridal shower. She makes a plea for her to give up the baby, stating that Adrianna and Navid aren't ready to be parents. This isn't the first time Adrianna has been told this. Facing stress and pressure, Adrianna actually downs some prescriptions drugs (!!!), which she, fortunately, proceeds to vomit up. This seemed like a bit of a stretch in order to prove a point:

It's true. Adrianna can't be a mother at this time.

She breaks that news to Navid, who is sad over it, but at least the bond between he and Adrianna is stronger than ever. They aren't getting married (yet), they aren't gonna be parents to this child, but their relationship is doing very well.

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90210 Season 1 Episode 22 Quotes

Jen: The world is our oyster, baby sister.
Naomi: To oysters!

Navid: We're getting married.
Dixon: Like married married?!?