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Everyone returned from winter break this week, and here's where they stand:

Naomi and Liam have trouble connecting verbally... but not in other ways! They have some hot sex near the end of the episode and might still have trouble communicating, but they are very much back together.

Annie, meanwhile, tries to break up with Jasper - but he threatens to expose her as the killer of his uncle. No one can understand why Annie is back together with him after this, but she can't say anything, of course. Jasper rambles on about the two being soulmates and says he loves Annie. He's very good at being creepy. Annie ends the episode crying hysterically after Jasper texts her with more sweet nothings. What ever will she do?!?

Debbie confronts Kelly after her crush on Harry, but quickly befriends her after hearing that the crush was just about her dying mother. Deb then tries to set up Kelly with her yoga instructor... but it's clear he has a crush on Debbie instead. Might she have interest?

Then there's Adrianna. She feels out of place at a party that serves alcohol and calls Gia for support. She's also in AA. The two go to a coffee shop and Gia spies her ex-girlfriend. In order to make her jealous, Adrianna lays a kiss on Gia. A big one. We all know where this is going.

Through all this, Dixon tells Silver that he still has feelings for her. This followed him also telling (translation: lying) Teddy that he and Silver might get back together. This turns Teddy off to Silver, even though she actually likes him.

We end the episode with Navid being taken away and here's why: he tried to plant cocaine in Jasper's locker... but during a random locker check, Jasper somehow switched it up. The drugs were found in Navid's locker and Harry and a cop took Navid away.

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90210 Season 2 Episode 13 Quotes

I'm gonna read War and Peace. Why not? It's one of my New Year's Resolutions.


She changed, I changed, maybe now we can get back together.

Dixon [on Silver]