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Sorry, Annie fans. But things don't get any better for your girl in this episode.

First, let's go over some other storylines:

Jen is an uber bitch. She purposely double booked a date with Ryan and an older, richer suitor in order to play games with each guy. Then, later - after a pep talk from Harry - Ryan decides to "stay in the game" and delivers a necklace to Jen's house. She repays him with sex in his classroom, but later tells Naomi she's just using Ryan to avoid getting the reputation as a gold digger.

Meanwhile, she also tells Liam's mother that Naomi doesn't want Liam around anymore, painting him as some crazy stalker, even though - as viewers all known - she slept with her sister's boyfriend!

Liam doesn't have a great home life. We finally meet his mother and step-father. The latter, of course, sent Liam off to a secluded wilderness trip for the summer in order to teach him discipline. But the mean step-dad isn't done yet. He threatens Liam with juvenile detention at all times, based on the fact that Liam stole his step-father's credit cards the year before and the crime has never been reported.

While Liam is ready to give up on Naomi, he's talked out of it by his two new pals: Dixon and Teddy. All three guys make the surf team and they explain to Liam that girls never actually say what they mean, while Navid confirms - via Adrianna - that Naomi still has feelings for Liam.

Navid has trust issues. It would be hard for anyone to see his girlfriend's first-ever boyfriend return to town, especially, when he's a tennis playing stud and especially when Adrianna is insensitive enough to keep saying how "amazing" Teddy is. But Navid doesn't handle the situation well.

During a taped interview for The Blaze, he peppers Liam with hard-hitting questions, clearly showing his jealousy and insecurity. One of the questions has to do with the fact that Teddy got tossed from his old school for getting caught in his room with two naked girls (yeah!!!!).

Even when Navid tries to apologize, he basically forbids Adrianna from being friends with Teddy, something she takes exception to because her boyfriend doesn't trust her. This is an interesting argument. Whose side are you on?

Silver is sort of crazy again. She keeps calling Dixon, she won't give him any space. When she actually sees him ignore a phone call, she loses it completely again, crying hysterically.

But at least Silver warns Annie about the "sext message" rumor going around, except the former has no idea Naomi is the one in possession of it. Annie learns this information from the guy that took the photo and she begs Naomi not to send it. Based on Annie's reaction, Naomi actually does have second thoughts. She begins to doubt that Annie slept with Liam, a fact he also denies (though he doesn't tell Naomi it was actually Jen he banged).

Late in the episode, though, Jen guilts Naomi into sending the naked photo, comparing her to their weak-spined, in-denial mother. Naomi goes ahead with it, texting the entire school anonymously (a trick she learned from a tech geek she flirted with during a two-hour dinner date at IHOP, haha). When Annie gets to school, she's horrified.

(Truth be told, how bad can the picture be? As long as Shenae Grimes is standing sideways, would anyone even see her?)

As if things couldn't get worse, as Annie sulks alone in a classroom, the video of Teddy plays on TV. He's telling Navid that he recently came across a homeless that had been hit by a driver that proceeded to speed away. Oh yes, Annie. He knows.

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