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Silver and Naomi tried to set up Mr. Cannon with a camera in a hotel room this week. But he turned the tables by bringing a therapist with him and playing up Silver's bipolar disorder. He was on to them all along.

At the end of the hour, though, Silver said she'd get him eventually. She and Naomi still need to think of a plan, however.


- Dixon thought he was HIV positive because the nurse was mysterious on the phone. Not wanting to tell this to Ivy, he lied and said he had feelings for Sasha. This broke Ivy's heart and she responded by doing what Oscar had wanted all along: sleeping with him. When Dixon found out he was negative, he tried to call Ivy... but it was too late. We saw her lying under the cover, naked, next to Oscar.

- Annie, meanwhile, wanted to give her eggs to her internship boss. She didn't understand why Deb had a problem with this - until Ryan and Jen had their baby boy. As soon as Annie held it, she understand how it was a real person and she wasn't ready to make one with her eggs.

- Deb agreed to be Jen's nanny/assistant.

- We still don't know the full history between Liam and Charlie, but we do know the former trashed the hotel room the latter put him up in when Charlie tried to help Liam out. Dude had been living in his car. As a result, Charlie went back to make out with Annie.

- Teddy bonded with Ian during detention. The two of them worked well together cleaning out the school's gutters, but Teddy still freaked out with Ian tried to touch him and said he could be there to talk if Teddy had any issues. Teddy responded by trying to sleep with a girl, only for his equipment not to work down there. This guy is going through some major issues and the show is handling it very well.

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90210 Season 3 Episode 5 Quotes

I've been carrying her around for nine months. It's hard. I wanna see my feet.


Ryan: The last three weeks are all about the baby putting on weight.
Jen: Eww. Yuck. Who wants a chubby baby?