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Picking up right where the winter finale concluded, Dixon sees Teddy kissing Ian, but runs off as soon as Teddy thinks he hears something. Teddy then leaves to meet Ian back at his place, with Dixon unsure about what the heck this all means.

Late in the episode, Dixon tells Teddy about what he saw, and Teddy responds by begging him not to tell anyone.

Dixon, meanwhile, saves Ivy's life when she has a horrible surfing accident. Might this thaw the ice between the pair? We'll see. For now, it's simply made Ivy scared to go back into the water. she fakes a hamstring injury during a meet the same week.

We also catch up with Liam and Annie: they talk about having sex and Liam is thrilled about it, but Annie is more confused than anything. She just cheated on her boyfriend with his brother... in HER brother's bed! She tells Liam she needs some time to think, which she gets when a cousin from Kansas named Emily comes to visit. This girl is REALLY into Beverly Hills and the celebrity culture. She's over the top in every way. She also seems to crush on Liam.

For his part, Liam finally learns from Charlie why he didn't do anything when Liam got beaten: it was so he could get out of there and Charlie would be the only one remaining to take the beatings.

Over to Naomi and Mr. Cannon: he ties her up in her apartment and texts Silver to come over. He then ties both of them up and is planning to take them to the bank to withdraw Naomi's money, when they gang up and attack him. They then tie Mr. Cannon up and Silver is ready to call the police, but Naomi comes close to slitting Cannon's throat with the knife. Silver barely talks her out of it.

Finally, there's Navid and Adrianna. He wants to dump her for Silver, but now isn't the time. Her life is falling apart, as Victor has exposed Javier's journals and then gone on a morning show in another sneak attack against Adrianna. Navid doesn't see how he can break her heart under these circumstances.

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90210 Season 3 Episode 12 Quotes

Never, in the history of mankind, has a guy that got the crap kicked out of him felt as fantastic as I do.


Is this a relationship or The Bourne Identity?

Ian [to Teddy]